Letter To Vine Church:

Dear Vine Church,

      Pastor Lea and I just celebrated 5 years of Marriage! I thank God for having put her in my life and for all the lessons I've learned over this half a decade. One thing I learned is that the more time I spend with her, the more I know her. This may seem simple but it is a principle that applies to our relationship to God as well. Take a second and think about the following question. If you had to describe God to someone who isn't Christian, what would you say? Is your description about God a simple and generic one or is it a complex and personal one? I think that the way we talk about God to others, is a direct reflection of how much we know him. Notice that I didn't say "How much we know ABOUT him..." Because there is a difference between knowing OF GOD and knowing GOD. I have been a Christian all my life and I will be the first to tell you that each year I know God on a different level than the previous. This is because each year, looks different than the previous. In one year, I may have known God as a father and in the next as a provider. One thing is for certain, that most of the things I've learned about the heart and mind of God have been in times of personal struggle. I think this is because it is God's way of showing me that when I am not enough, He always is.

      There was a change that happened in my life, when I purposely woke up every morning and asked God to show up during my day. This allowed me to actively look for God in areas of my life where I previously had not been able to see him. There is a beautiful passage in the bible that says that "...the heavens declare the glory of God..." What this means is that even Nature itself is constantly SHOUTING at us and letting us know that Gods had is everywhere. So I want to encourage you this week, to actively seek GOD, in the mundane and in the extraordinary because you'll be surprised to find out, He is EVERYWHERE.


Pastor Abraham Zuniga